The purpose behind Ghostnet

This is a project a couple of friends have built with great care for the privacy conscious community. As the writer of this article, I have always had a problem with people outstepping their boundaries, and since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the clear mismanagement of personal information, as well as abuses of power became evident.

I guess it was my wake-up call, the catalyst for dreaming this project up, and materializing it into Ghostnet. I can speak for every person involved in Ghostnet when I say the intentions behind this project are as follow:

  • To create a circular cryptocurrency economy, by making it easier for folks who want to sell their services and products to post them online, and for buyers to be able to visit a trusted hub with trustworthy buyers.
  • To learn ourselves about privacy and cybersecurity. They say if you want to deeply learn a subject, become a teacher. Encryption, cryptocurrency and privacy in general is a wildly evolving subject, and by mantaining a quality, updated portal with resources we ourselves will stay cutting edge.
  • To provide an array of legal, easy to understand tools for the sovereignty seeker. To form a community of like minded people who want to opt out of rotten systems and corrupt economic models.

And clearly all projects need funding. By charging fees with sales, as well as other services we offer, we hope this project can fund itself and grow along with its audience.

We are very grateful for you reading all the way through our first post, and hope this is the first of many. I will leave you with a beautiful quote that is the seed of this project…

“A fool is known by his speech; and a wise man by silence.”

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