The Bazaar at Ghostnet

After a few weeks of filling our market up with products and services from new vendors, we’re watching a very cool phenomenon taking place by providing the tools for a free market…

Some services are very unique in the sense that you wouldn’t be able to find them anywhere else.  Our market has a unique Istambul Bazaar feel to it.  By providing a channel where banks, renting space, approval from a third party are obsolete, we love the direction this is going after a few sales going on slowly but constantly.  So if you have a service which may or may not be related to your professional activity, but you think someone somewhere in the world might be interested, list it in our market, it’s completely free to do so.  To be honest, alternative economies attract alternative people who do not conform to the templates of society…  Or at least get listed on our classifieds section.

A private, free market economy is something both very ancient, going back a few hundred or a thousand years back, and something very new to our society.  We are very excited to witness and take part in this re-forming economy, and depend on privacy seekers and crypto believers to perpetuate it and make it global.  We don’t expect to become Amazon anytime soon, but slowly and surely we have our foot on the door, with minimal operating costs and an online presence; the time is also perfect in our opinion since a bear market is the time to consolidate both economically and strategically.  We at Ghostnet feel very grateful to have your interest and the support we have felt from the community.

I wanted to write this short followup of our first vendors, and share a few great tools to stay private and tread lightly online: We actually deleted our broadcast service since this is much better for password protected or not, expiring or not pastes.

Incognito Wallet:  a tumbler to cloak transactions for Bitcoin, Litecoin and other crypto.

Temporary URL: Redirect someone to a url without it being recorded forever, with expiring urls.

LineageOS: Not everyone can buy a Pixel phone. This OS fits many android devices

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