Ghostnet (We) collect as little data as possible. In our contact forms only the name field is mandatory, and you’re encouraged to fill out with your alias anyhow.

We will dump our customer database older than 3 months weekly. Deleted from our database completely.  We will also delete all e-mails older than 3 months old because we really don’t care about the past, nor about your identity; our purpose is a more private world and we intend to be the change we want to see in the world.


Terms & Conditions

  • Market

We are responsible for ensuring your product or service bought at our Market is delivered.  We  will wait for proof of delivery by the vendor in order to release their funds.

After it has been delivered if there is any sort of controversy we will be happy to try to solve the issue, however once delivered we cannot hold the vendor’s funds any longer.

We intend to control the quality of the services and products listed in our Market by user feedback.  We will look into bad feedback and delete said products or services if the complaint is bad enough, or if the complaints are repeated.

If there is any complaint or suggestion about any of our vendors’ services please let us know at


  • Classifieds

Ghostnet is not responsible for direct purchases made from any of the listings in our classifieds.  Anybody can get listed in our classifieds so bear that in mind before making expensive purchases, or giving sensitive information.  We do not endorse any of those results, our duty is only to provide the service of connecting the crypto and privacy communities.