Strengthen your online privacy and security.  

Text Index in Alphabetical Order:

All the services listed have been tested by the Ghostnet team with a positive experience. We have compiled this handy list of tools for the privacy community with love, but this doesn’t mean we trust them blindly, do your own research as always.


Privacy expertise is a process, where you learn from your mistakes.  Nobody is born being an online ghost.

Important Security Steps:

If you must use Whatsapp:

Disable backups. Try to move gradually to use Session, Signal, XMPP Jabber, Telegram, or other more secure messaging apps.

Whatsapp advertises end-to-end encryption, however when backed up to Google they lose said encryption.

Monero won't snitch

Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies are based on an open blockchain, where every transaction is recorded for eternity…

Monero has privacy at a base level. It is truly fungible digital cash. 

First get off Fiat. Then only use a battle tested cryptocurrency that protects your financial freedom.

If you must use Windows

Disable Windows from keylogging and listening to you through your mic (this is not paranoid, 100% real).


Periodically delete social media accounts, change your phone number, make everything online disposable and compartmentalized.

If you aren’t willing to de-google your phone yet, this is the next best thing, and even better both combined.  

This great habit helps protect from the prying eyes of Big Brother.

Break free from Google's surveillance

Buy a Pixel phone and install Calyx-OS yourself, or Ghostnet also sells de-Googled phones.