Luxury Car Rental Miami

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Fees may vary from date to date, hence we’ve decided to place a higher end fee. If you’re renting in a low demand season you might get a small refund for the difference. Please keep in mind the fee is per day, you might need to add the product twice or more to your shopping cart.

INCLUDES: Tolls are included, and Insurance may be included if you already pay insurance for another US car.

NOTE that specific cars are subject to availability, the vendor always has cars available, but you might want to e-mail them before making a purchase at

Or you may view the WEBSITE URL directly and make your purchase there. But if you buy through Ghostnet, our guarantee is still valid.

THIS ITEM IS GUARANTEED BY OUR BUYER PROTECTION. If you do not get your delivery we will fully reimburse your funds.


Rent a luxury car in Miami. Brands available: Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover.  The fee is per-day.

1 review for Luxury Car Rental Miami

  1. Latinlover

    Great service, paid with crypto and rented a beautiful Porsche in beautiful Miami! Tolls were covered, so that’s a plus

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