Ideological Promiscuity by Almiro Asbjörn


This book is a different approach to ideology, religion and spirituality that acknowledges it’s your right to outgrow and question your beliefs. Take what works for you, discard what no longer serves you. This book is a personal compilation of the top precepts of Plant Medicine, Stoicism, Zen and bits and pieces that have been useful for the author’s development and spiritual path.

Hopefully this breezy read will permeate you with the joys of gratitude, the equanimity of Stoicism, the jewels of meditation, the minimalism of Zen and the magic lessons of plant medicine. The author’s intention for writing this compilation is to pass on the lessons learned, and to give the reader a blueprint of critical thinking applied to spirituality.


You can’t get lost if there’s nowhere you need to be… A refreshing ideological read.  Free E-book in .mobi and .epub formats. 

From the author: “Free book because these lessons I’ve learned for free as well.”


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