Grassroots P2P crypto marketplace. If you want to sell your products click on the button below.

Everything here is covered by our BUYER PROTECTION. We will release funds to the vendor once we have proof of delivery / shipping, so feel free to buy safely anything on our Market!

Important Shipping Note:

Every vendor has different locations, hence different shipping costs.  When you buy any product it’s important to pay special attention to the vendor’s shipping rates. You must purchase your product + the shipping fee the vendor specified (unless free shipping is specified, or you’re purchasing a service)

Ghostnet Market Roadmap

If you’re reading this it means you are a pioneer in this disruptive project, welcome!

Right now all of the Market’s functionalities are in manual mode, i.e. uploaded, approved and paid to the vendor manually. Once we grow to 50 vendors, we will invest more resources to make it automatic. Thank you for being part of this amazing project!