Ideal Setup for Working on you Computer Everyday

First I’ll start by making clear everybody has a different security threat level, this is based on my own experience… I wanted to write this because I have been unsatisfied with the way I was keeping files online and I think I found the sweet spot balancing practical and secure habits. With some great tips from our Telegram and Matrix groups I think this merits a post so here it is:

  1. Buy a 10 GB flash drive, of good quality because you will depend to a small degree on it not failing.
  2. Encrypt it. HERE’S a quick and easy guide on how to password encrypt with Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS). Any beginner with Ubuntu can do that.
  3. Save you working files to your flash drive.
  4. Once a month, or once every 15 days, depending on you discipline and volume of work, PGP encrypt it. (There are tons of Youtube videos on how to use PGP or GPG depending on what OS you use)
  5. Once encrypted, upload to any Google Drive, Proton Drive, Dropbox, etc. so you can have your files accessible anywhere. Upload exactly as it is found so you have a mirror and don’t risk overlooking any files.
  6. Download Openkeychain on your phone so you can download the files in case you can’t wait to access the files at your pc and need to access them on the street.

(IMPORTANT TIP: Encrypt in small familiar batches, for example every folder in a subdirectory you make a zip and encrypt that, etc.)

This way the worst case scenarios are:

  • You lose your flash drive: You lose a few days of work. Your info is encrypted and not accessible by anyone except you.
  • You get compromised online: Hackers get to download all of your PGP encrypted information, inaccessible to anyone except you.
  • Your computer gets compromised: You have all of your information with you on your flash drive, no information gets compromised.

What you win:

  • Your information will not be available to corporations and vulnerable to online attacks or sold to anyone.
  • You have a cold-encrypted storage of your everyday life, like a real boss.

I hope you find this information useful, I’ll be glad to continue sharing the best habits I like to use little by little, thank you for reading.

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