Decoy Profile Tools, News After 1 Week of Ghostnet’s Launch

We are so happy to have launched this project, the privacy community’s response has been nothing short of inspiring. We have 100+ entries in our classifieds section (LINK), and we have around 12 services and products in our market (LINK).

Since the purpose of Ghostnet is to spread privacy habits we’ll get right to it. Here are a few great tools to create decoy profiles to protect your privacy, and to create temporary personas:

PROFILE PIC: This is a wonderful resource that produces indistinguishable faces to place on your profile pic. Sometimes it takes a few times of clicking the refresh button to get the desired face, and sometimes there are some glitches, but it’s a one of a kind tool.

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RANDOM ADDRESS GENERATOR: makes a persona out of thin air with one click, including address, zip code, phone number, interests, username, IP, coordinates, and even some sensitive stuff I don’t want to share here, but check it out.

VPN: Make sure to at least use a VPN, or Tor when making temporary profiles.

JUICY SMS: service to verify your accounts, they accept XMR and Bitcoin.

10 MINUTE MAIL: Generate as many temporary e-mail accounts as you want, don’t close the tab until you’re done, because once you do, it’s gone forever.

We’ll keep it short and to the point. We hope this information is useful to create a more private world, stay anonymous and thank you for reading!

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