Encrypted Bulletin Board

Broadcast your encrypted information safely to the world

IMPORTANT: Your encrypted message will be hosted on ghostnet.id/YOURTITLE . So please only letters and numbers here.
Paste your encrypted text
If you need more time please purchase it below

Please allow some hours for us to review and upload your text. IF YOU NEED URGENT FREE UPLOADS, we suggest you encrypt and upload using:

How this service works

Encrypted text is free to broadcast through Ghostnet. Your audience must have private keys in order to decrypt it. If you need help, contact us.

Just fill the form above with your encrypted text, and we’ll host & post it for up to 1 month, burn it after the time expires.

If you want to post encrypted files or text for 6 months, just buy some extra time; the products are listed below. If you need to host encrypted files larger than 50 mb please contact us.

Why use this service?

  • You only share the url, and forget about copying and pasting format errors.
  • Increased anonymity
  • Broadcast with one click to anyone who has the link
  • No need to leave a footprint on Dropbox. We do not fingerprint website visitors.
  • Upload once and forget about it, it will be automatically deleted

Example of what you would upload:



Notes: DO NOT upload your private keys, nor public keys. Only encrypted message. Cheatsheet for Linux GPG:

Type the following command to ENCRYPT:

gpg --encrypt -r your@email.com --armour < input.txt -o output.txt

Type the following command to decrypt:

gpg –output decryptedfile.txt –decrypt encryptedfile.txt

If you want to play around with this PGP message and the private keys that encrypted it follow this link.

Mini tutorial for CLI:


Mini Tutorial for CLI

  • Once you have GPG installed, download THIS private key (only for this tutorial). Unzip it.
  • Open your terminal in the folder where you unzipped it and run the following command:
    gpg –import private.key (you now have the key for decrypting the message.
  • Save the encrypted message as a .txt file named encrypted.txt including —–BEGIN PGP MESSAGE—– and —–END PGP MESSAGE—–
  • Type the follwing comand to decrypt: gpg –decrypt encrypted.txt > decrypted.txt
  • You now may read the decrypted.txt message!

Mini Tutorial for Android or GUI

Keep in mind that copying and pasting in your phone may produce format errors incompatible with decryption.

  • Download THIS zip file and extract the only file inside.¬† This is your private key.
  • Import it to your PGP software/app. (you now have the key to decrypt the message.
  • There should be an option like “Decrypt text”
  • Copy the encrypted message¬† including —–BEGIN PGP MESSAGE—– and —–END PGP MESSAGE—–
  • Decrypt. Now you may read the text!