Privacy is essential for freedom

Ghostnet is a grassroots, crypto only P2P marketplace, jobs and services listings, consulting and other privacy services provider, privacy resource and tools repository and blog intended to give back power and freedom to the individual.

Ghostnet Market

Buy or sell products and services directly from your peers. List or buy products, services, files, or whatever you can think of. Listing is free, Ghostnet charges a small 5% fee from sales.

Pay / get paid in crypto only 🙂


Offered directly by Ghostnet

Feel free to contact us in order to get to know exactly what you need and submit a quote to fit your requirements.

Data Obfuscation

Used for names, usernames and emails: we create as many different profiles as you need with AI generated faces, backgrounds in order to obfuscate Google search results. This makes your real background information much harder to pick out.

Used for other information:  We have many different options to obfuscate any kind of information or data, pasting different versions through all corners of the internet, obfuscating the real version.

Cryptocurrency Consulting

Ghostnet can help you transition into the most disruptive financial technology invented since the Phonecians invented money itself.

From simple OpSec tips to a pro hardware wallet setup, mining rigs, or whatever you may need.

IT Services

Remote IT consulting and support. Systems repair, threat assesments, or anything network-related


We can help you set up a PGP private and public key and teach you how to encrypt and decrypt your own data. With this you may upload your most important information to any cloud storage service knowing nobody will be able to access it except whomever you choose.

Encrypted Cold Storage Backups

We can set up a private PGP key for you, and a public key for us in order to store whatever you’d like us to store offline for months or even years. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through it.

Buy a De-Googled Phone

If you want to skip the technical stuff and want a freshly de-Googled phone with Calyx-Os we are happy to provide that service and ship it worldwide.

Grafitti the Web

We broadcast your message widely to flood Google search results.